LLog – 20161223

I’ve noticed a return of a familiar feeling that comes upon me during the holidays – something I forget until it rears its ugly head.  Some kind of existential angst, a stain on everything I look on and think about.  People or things that I have been admiring or working on become less desirable, more suspect in motive or value.  I feel constantly agitated as well, with the smallest inconvenience feeling like a major annoyance.

I’ve been able to look at it more than other times for the most part.  Also, I’m trying to insert the practice of gratitude, which I’ve heard mentioned lately from several different sources.  That has helped tremendously.

My goal isn’t to be happy per se, because that would be staying in a state of awareness just as false as this feeling of existential disgust.  I’m not sure what my goal is now that I write that, which may be a part of the problem and definitely not a route to a solution – if a solution is even needed.

The best thing about the holidays of course is that they end, so there’s that.

LLog – 20161220

Working on the child template for this blog – getting only the two latest entries for the learning log to show on the page and making sure no learning log entries show in the blog section. I’m also working on adding some color with a color for each category and using this to stylize the “entry-footer” section next to the blog posts on the index/landing page with a gradient colored box that has the entries category in it. I may further stylize this with a picture and then I am going to use that color scheme for each blog post so that the post’s colors correspond to the category. I’m not sure yet what this will look like but I do want to keep it minimal.

Messing with the template is a reminder of how slow I am right now doing even the simplest things with WordPress. It’s also difficult to find that balance between tweaking the look of the site and working on actual content – I haven’t done a post for too long now.

A decent amount of time has been going into Xmas as well. Buying electronics and setting them up is a bit time consuming but rewarding – we are on track to become a fully nexus-ified household!!

About the Learning Log

Note: As you can see the naming convention is generic, however the tags are listed at the top so you can easily see what the entry refers to.

I’m starting a new post format which I’m bringing over from my wiki. The Learning Log is a journal of quick entries documenting whatever projects I may be working on and quick thoughts and notes about the things I am reading and listening to.  The entries will be by date, only showing two at a time with plans to give the log it’s own archive page.

I want to give it a more central location since I hope to start putting more time into it.  More importantly I wanted to be able to add tags so that I can track progress better and get better views of what kind of things I am spending my time on in the long term.  So I think it would be very helpful to be able to go back a year or two and see what kind of subjects I was tagging.  Unfortunately MoinMoin just doesn’t have a tagging method built in.

There will be a short amount of time where I will be putting in back dated entries.

LLog – 20161217

I’ve been working on trying to get SuperGrub2 to work in VirtualBox so that I can mount and use USB devices that I need quick access to, and well to just do it because I can access the Linux file-systems through the Debian VM I use, but have had no success quite yet. It’s not recognizing the USB drive, which seems pretty hit or miss even when mounting to the Debian VM.

The diet is going well. Still following the ketogenic method. I am in month 4 (started the end of August), with plans to continue until month 6 with a strict under 30 regimen and then I will start either cheat days, or switch to Tim’s Slow-Carb plan – esp. if I can get Katie on board. Weight loss stands at about 30# with a goal of 10% body-fat (seeing my abs).

I started cold conditioning this past week (ie standing in the shower and turning the water to cold) and have realized I need to move gradually with more research on breathing techniques. When the water reaches its coldest I start feeling like I am going to pass out. I’m also going to start using an ice pack on the neck and traps during work. The plan is to work up to 3-5 mins of cold at the end of the shower before bed and then rinse after waking. I am sure the water is far colder out of the tap right now than it will be in the height of summer. I should use a thermometer and check.

Using Docker to Learn a Programming Language

Using Docker to Learn Programming

Basic Use Case

Docker is a fantastic tool for use when learning any programming language. The ability to have a virtual, independent environment that can be manipulated a near infinite variety of ways is indispensable as you progress through learning a new language, especially if you are working on different versions. A Docker image can provide a clean environment on each use or be extended with volumes. It is easy to setup multiple environments using a minimum of space especially if you take the time to really plan, since Docker uses a system of layers when making images you can build up from a vanilla install to multiple package configurations without a separate virtual machine install for each case.
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