About the Learning Log

Note: As you can see the naming convention is generic, however the tags are listed at the top so you can easily see what the entry refers to.

I’m starting a new post format which I’m bringing over from my wiki. The Learning Log is a journal of quick entries documenting whatever projects I may be working on and quick thoughts and notes about the things I am reading and listening to.  The entries will be by date, only showing two at a time with plans to give the log it’s own archive page.

I want to give it a more central location since I hope to start putting more time into it.  More importantly I wanted to be able to add tags so that I can track progress better and get better views of what kind of things I am spending my time on in the long term.  So I think it would be very helpful to be able to go back a year or two and see what kind of subjects I was tagging.  Unfortunately MoinMoin just doesn’t have a tagging method built in.

There will be a short amount of time where I will be putting in back dated entries.

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