The Self Made Man – a parable

I’ll begin this blog with an admission – I’ve written many first posts before.  So does this count as a first post?  I guess it’s a silly question – it’s the first post for this blog, for this iteration of the recording of my own thoughts.  I’ll save all the reasons for re-starting this process for the ‘About’ page, and instead start things off with a parable of sorts, a story I came up with the other day to express an idea I am often wrestling with.

There once were two men who were drawn into a simple competition.  Being just overgrown boys it wasn’t difficult for them to get swept up into such a thing, even though they lived very far from each other.  One man lived in the mountains in a small remote village, surrounded mainly by his relations.  It was a harsh environment and one had to be strong to survive there.
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