LLog – 20161217

I’ve been working on trying to get SuperGrub2 to work in VirtualBox so that I can mount and use USB devices that I need quick access to, and well to just do it because I can access the Linux file-systems through the Debian VM I use, but have had no success quite yet. It’s not recognizing the USB drive, which seems pretty hit or miss even when mounting to the Debian VM.

The diet is going well. Still following the ketogenic method. I am in month 4 (started the end of August), with plans to continue until month 6 with a strict under 30 regimen and then I will start either cheat days, or switch to Tim’s Slow-Carb plan – esp. if I can get Katie on board. Weight loss stands at about 30# with a goal of 10% body-fat (seeing my abs).

I started cold conditioning this past week (ie standing in the shower and turning the water to cold) and have realized I need to move gradually with more research on breathing techniques. When the water reaches its coldest I start feeling like I am going to pass out. I’m also going to start using an ice pack on the neck and traps during work. The plan is to work up to 3-5 mins of cold at the end of the shower before bed and then rinse after waking. I am sure the water is far colder out of the tap right now than it will be in the height of summer. I should use a thermometer and check.

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