LLog – 20161220

Working on the child template for this blog – getting only the two latest entries for the learning log to show on the page and making sure no learning log entries show in the blog section. I’m also working on adding some color with a color for each category and using this to stylize the “entry-footer” section next to the blog posts on the index/landing page with a gradient colored box that has the entries category in it. I may further stylize this with a picture and then I am going to use that color scheme for each blog post so that the post’s colors correspond to the category. I’m not sure yet what this will look like but I do want to keep it minimal.

Messing with the template is a reminder of how slow I am right now doing even the simplest things with WordPress. It’s also difficult to find that balance between tweaking the look of the site and working on actual content – I haven’t done a post for too long now.

A decent amount of time has been going into Xmas as well. Buying electronics and setting them up is a bit time consuming but rewarding – we are on track to become a fully nexus-ified household!!

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