LLog – 20170110

I remembered a mantra this morning during my meditation that I had used a lot in the past: Accept(inhale)  Release(exhale)

I find such mantras helpful while attempting to maintain focus on the breath.  This one has such a plethora of implications as well, from the physical acceptance or noticing of tension and then the subsequent release of the muscle.  It can also refer to negative thoughts or emotional states.

The idea is based off previous thoughts around improv, stimulated by a TED talk which I cannot find right now (It was part of a TED radio hour podcast)!!  However I did find this NPR article which describes what I was attracted to – the basic principles of improv:

First: say yes. No matter what the audience or improv member throws out there — go with it. Second, it’s not about you, it’s about the group. The group will create something greater than the sum of its parts. … And third, don’t think. Don’t let your head hold you back; improv is about impulse

This TED talk has some more excellent principles as well which apply so well, or which are also principles of, meditation.  Such as listening.

Another interesting area these principles will apply is when I finally start playing RPG’s with Owen, hopefully dragging the other kids in.  I need to look at playing Castles & Crusaders as an episode of improv, not the telling of a preconceived story.

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