LLog – 20170123

I’ve spent a significant amount of time – well, for me at least – playing with RemixOS and trying to get it to work well on my Dell Inspiron 1090, which spends lots of time sitting in random places until I get a bug and start using it for little projects here and there.  Everything works fairly well actually, even the touch screen, and it is overall a wonderful experience.  However, I cannot get it to come out of sleep mode or whatever version of that mode it is in since the ‘on’ indicator is still lit.  Basically the screen will not turn back on after a certain amount of time.

Initially I thought I had fixed it installing the double tap app, so I could turn the screen off and on with screen taps.  This app does not actually turn the screen fully off which is a huge disadvantage if I’m putting the computer down for long periods in terms of battery drain and killing the screen life.  This only works for a few minutes and then the OS locks up.

Given the fact that Ubuntu works great with the MATE desktop and the probable advantage of distros like puppy, I’ll move experimentation with Remix to a VirtualBox machine on primary laptop.

Overall it does run well.  I had problems with Netflix as well, though I did not spend too much time tweaking settings for GPU and HW acceleration.