LLog – 20170219

The last few days have been dominated by finishing a blog post on running a Tonido server in a Docker container (I keep trying to write cocker there) and prep for a Castles and Crusaders game with O.  I’ve realized a major difference with managing my autodidactic system using principles similar to my workout schedule is the time frame.  Workouts take place in a contained space of time moving from one workout to the next whereas with learning I need to stay on some tasks until completion – like with writing the blog – which can take several sessions.

I’ve been thinking a lot about time and space a lot this morning.  Listened to an OnBeing episode with Martha Wertheim and had some insights into the concept of space, virtual space and dimensions.  Also a rethink of Descartes’ duality – maybe he was describing overlapping spaces rather than separate ones.  Thoughts that tie into to idea of reality as a simulation and Sheldrake’s concept of consciousness as a field (that occupies space outside the body).  All things that need to be expanded and fleshed out in a longer format.

LLog – 20170217

Reviewed my projects and learning goals.  I have felt myself slipping into ‘randomness’ again as far as my study and project management.  I am planning a blog to explain things in more detail but essentially I’m going to approach my projects the same way as exercise – identify primary and secondary elements then rotate through them in a specific order with primary followed by secondary. However if I can’t get to a secondary project in a given day then it falls back into the queue so that the day always begins with work on a primary project.

I’m also going to make a quick note here of what I worked on as a reference.

Worked on AI course last night.  Ended up reviewing the term ‘recursive’ which naturally led to iteration using Python examples.  That led to reading about binomial coefficients, Fibonacci numbers, and Pascal’s Pyramid.

Then secondary study of Castles and Crusaders books and some notes to prepare for playing next week when the kids are off.

LLog – 20170110

I remembered a mantra this morning during my meditation that I had used a lot in the past: Accept(inhale)  Release(exhale)

I find such mantras helpful while attempting to maintain focus on the breath.  This one has such a plethora of implications as well, from the physical acceptance or noticing of tension and then the subsequent release of the muscle.  It can also refer to negative thoughts or emotional states.

The idea is based off previous thoughts around improv, stimulated by a TED talk which I cannot find right now (It was part of a TED radio hour podcast)!!  However I did find this NPR article which describes what I was attracted to – the basic principles of improv:

First: say yes. No matter what the audience or improv member throws out there — go with it. Second, it’s not about you, it’s about the group. The group will create something greater than the sum of its parts. … And third, don’t think. Don’t let your head hold you back; improv is about impulse

This TED talk has some more excellent principles as well which apply so well, or which are also principles of, meditation.  Such as listening.

Another interesting area these principles will apply is when I finally start playing RPG’s with Owen, hopefully dragging the other kids in.  I need to look at playing Castles & Crusaders as an episode of improv, not the telling of a preconceived story.