My Program of 3’s – Resistance Training

My Current Resistance Routine

After 10 rounds of my 5/5 routine I have gone back to my former regimen which I call 3’s. It consists of 3 days of workout with a day of recovery in between. 2 days consist of weight training and 1 day is for body weight. On one of the recovery days I have an abdominal routine that I run through as well as a forearm routine with some heavy iron bars given to me by my brother. Continue reading “My Program of 3’s – Resistance Training”

Using Slow Reps in My Weight Training

My 5/5 Weight Lifting Workout

I’m just coming to the end of a 10 workout regimen using the principle of constant tension to build muscle mass and break through what I hope was a year long plateau in my weight training. I call it 5/5. There were I believe a few factors contributing to this ridiculous plateau: Continue reading “Using Slow Reps in My Weight Training”

A Basic Beginner Weight Lifting Routine – Part 1

A Basic Weightlifting Routine for Beginners – Part 1

This routine forms the basis for all my later routines and the exercises are the primary way that I measure progress. It consists of what I consider to be the most basic weight lifting exercise for each major body part. These exercises aren’t performed as just a part of this beginning routine, but form the basis of any subsequent workout that I do.  Continue reading “A Basic Beginner Weight Lifting Routine – Part 1”